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to mr. anonymous..

I stumbled upon this 'boys only club' and had to laugh. i read through some of the posts, and I found one from a girl, who wanted to be in the club. A pussy anonymous poster wrote 'are you a guy? did you not read the user information' or something like that. well guess what, i did. the club openly states that if you are a guy, know a guy, or like a guy you can post. i am a girl, and i'm going to leave the community.. but i thought i'd give everyone a heads up. if you're going to exclude girls, atleast clarify the rules. guys only act like dicks to make up for what they lack.

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Well...if you can't handle being around guys (even if one is a pussy anonymous poster) then leave. No skin off my back.

This club doesn't Exclude girls, but we certainly don't want all of the whining that goes on in the "No Boys Allowed" clubs...
lol i didnt mean to whine. i have no problem not being in your little 'club' but i do think it's kinda rude that some guys try to be smart by saying 'didnt you read the rules' when the rules merely contradicted them. so :P
What can you expect from an anonymous poster?

Unless they are saying something good or helpful, I just ignore them...
yeah. thank you for commenting, you've been the only one.
Heh...I think it's been soo long since anyone has commented in this community that everyone else either died or are in a coma...*wink*...
lol, i wouldnt be surprised if that chick beat the shit outta them..
ROFL...well, she did say she can "fight" like a man...
lol dont forget the 'spit like a man' too.

I can't even spit like a man!

But I do..."Looka Lika Ma"...
lol sorry, that comment from naked_batteries is from me, i forgot i was logged onto his livejournal.
Heh heh...Oops!

Oh well, I commented on that one as well...
Actually, the original rules of the community didn't say anything about not letting girls in. In fact, originally, I think they clearly said, "no girls allowed." I actually only changed it when I saw that girls had broken in, and that guys were getting pissy about it. I hate online fighting. It's so rediculous.
I know what you mean...isn't it the silliest thing you ever heard of?

Who's to say online that people are who they say they are?...