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Lisa Kudrow

Okay, so I was watching the TV guide channel a couple weeks ago, trying to find out what's going to be on Comedy Central for the next hour, because I'm feeling unhappy and I want to just lose myself in some shitty eighties comedy. Up on the top half, they're showing an interview with Lisa Kudrow that was going to be on Oxygen, one of the stations dedicated to women's entertainment. She was talking about how women were clearly superior to men, and that she was annoyed that it's supposed to be cute, like, you're supposed to put up with it, because they're like dogs. Thirty years ago, some guy might have been saying something like that on television about women. Maybe. He probably wouldn't have worded it so offensively. But, now it's okay for women to be sexist and make rediculous generalizations, because, you's somehow not the same.
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