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This was just on.
I love this movie. I think any gay boy 'round my age (25) LOVES this movie. It's like the movie that made you pause and go, hmmm not only am I enjoying this action-packed hostage drama, but I am also really enjoying seeing the prep school boys jiggling around in their underwear.
And not just any boys, but Sean Astin! I've had a crush on him since Goonies.

And Nooo I'm not saying 12 yr old Mickey turns me on, I'm saying when I was 6, Mickey was really cute to me. Like I wanted to play, ride bikes with him, and then hopefully kiss him, cute.
By the time I was 14 and saw Toy Soldiers, and saw his ass.. then the last piece of that puzzle fell neatly into place.

Who was this movie made for anyway? It was too violent for teen girls. I remember Chris Connelly reviewing the movie on MTV, and smirking "put some pants on boys!". So what was the point of all the night scenes of boys in their skivvies? Boys crying, male bonding, etc etc.
This movie was made for ME!
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